Love is in the air. Can you feel that Valentine’s Day mood? The most romantic day of the year is just around the corner, so hurry up and plan something extraordinary. Perhaps popping the question somewhere very romantic and unique? Well, just don’t stick to ordinary proposals but create magical moments that she will remember for the rest of her life. Surprising your partner on Valentine’s day can be a bit tricky because she will already expect something romantic from your side – a bunch of flowers, heart-shaped chocolate, candlelight dinner, Valentine’s card and so on. But do you really want this? Or do you want to be different? Skip the cliches and check out my 5 tips to make your proposal memorable as it will far exceed her expectations for the day:

Find a romantic location.
Valentine’s day is about two people in love and I believe they should celebrate this moment in a very intimate and special location, especially if your plans are to propose. Avoid booking a table in a restaurant where you both go for dinner each Friday with your friends. Do some extra research on where you could arrange a special private dinner or find out about some new spots you have never been to before; such as a lovely terrace with breathtaking view, in the middle of nature by the lake or just go crazy and book fair tickets to her dreamy city.

Do not be boring!

Engagements need emotions and the ‘wow’ factor. But how to make this happen when proposing on Valentine’s Day? In most cases, when it comes to romance, men get totally lost. Apart from buying some flowers, they truly need unique ideas and creative inspiration with impeccable attention to detail. First of all, put down some notes about what she really loves and adores. The proposal itself should be a reflection of your relationship and should focus on the person whom you’re asking to spend her life with you. Make it personal – tailor the proposal specifically to her taste. Surprise her with a poem or make a short trailer about your story collecting some meaningful pictures where you both laugh, hug or kiss. Photo memories are so touching.

Hire a professional photographer.

Hiring a photographer? Definitely! I just cannot imagine any proposal without photos. If possible, I always advise hiring a professional photographer so that you have that once-in-a- lifetime memory captured and can share it with your family and friends. Also, once you booked a photographer, don’t but don’t let her look ugly, wear flip-flops or have nibbled nails. I’m sure she would love to look super pretty on the pictures. Don’t let her feel embarrassed but try to convince her to dress nicely that day. Luckily, this shouldn’t happen on Valentine’s Day, right?

Have a backup plan.

Those who are planning an indoor proposal don’t really have to keep in mind the weather conditions. On the contrary, if you’re planning an outdoor proposal, have a plan B just in case of rain or unexpected stormy weather. Sometimes this important fact is overlooked and you wouldn’t like to ruin this day, would you? Also when planning your engagement in big cities, be sure to consider the traffic as a key element. Set up a contingency plan in case traffic creates a serious delay. Plan B is just great as it will keep you calm and relaxed.

Have an extra surprise.
For a meaningful proposal that will be remembered for years to come, think of preparing something extra. Perhaps, showing her a video of you asking her parents for their blessing. She will love your gesture and see how respectful you are of her parents. You could also incorporate her favorite song playing in the background right after she said yes and start a slow dance. Gather her close, and lead her in a dance to last forever in her memory. Women just love feeling appreciated, being special and loved.

Here is an engagement I witnessed last June in a stunning location – Punta San Vigilio – one of the most beautiful and romantic places of Lake Garda.
And here they are, Stéphane & Patty (a Dutch couple):

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