Once a couples-centric day that excluded those who were flying solo, Valentine’s Day has become a day of celebrating all of the love in your life (including the love of yourself). This week, Patrizia is sharing her top 8 tips for throwing a chic and festive party your guests will love.


Make it a mixer. Invite coupled and single friends and ask each to invite a guest no one knows. Single friends might meet a new love interest and everyone is likely to walk away with a new friend.


Greet guests with a treat. Set the tone with sweet treats such as chocolate covered strawberries, caviar and a glass of prosecco, cava or champagne.


Change it up. Pink and red are traditionally associated with the holiday, but a fresh take will make it more modern. Consider designing your own table linen or using neutral colors and adding pops of color.


Set a menu. Whether offering canapes or a full sit-down meal, it’s essential to plan the meal, get any allergy and diet specifications beforehand and to time it out. You don’t want to be the frazzled host who is stuck in the kitchen all evening.


Light up the night. Use a mix of LED and tealight candles to create a welcoming and warm ambiance (and everyone looks great in candlelight!)


A great playlist is essential. Think of your theme and have fun. A bunch of love songs would be awkward and boring and break-up songs would be weird. Think of fun compilations such as those offered by Buddha Bar or a mix of classics like Ella Fitzgerald and Frank Sinatra in the beginning and have it move into Rihanna and Beyonce later into the night.


Play some fun parlour games. Whether playing a game of taboo or charades after a few cocktails or something more saucy such as Cards Against Humanity, games are a great way to get to know one another, laugh, make memories and bond.


Give away small “Valentines”. Have small goodie bags with little notes to all of your guests. Fill them with homemade chocolates or even consider having a “candy bar” where guests can fill up small bags.